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The Wafd Party, the mulberry outlet Free Egyptian Party, the Al-Azhar and the Coptic Church have withdrawn their members from it. Egypt's ruling military council has organized two meetings of different parties in a bid to defuse the crisis but failed. In order to consolidate its political clout, the MB nominated mulberry bags sale its Deputy Chairman Khairat al-Shater as its presidential candidate and FJP chairman Mohamed Morsi to be Shater's back-up. Twenty-three candidates have submitted their registration documents, the country's presidential election commission said on Sunday, the deadline of mulberry sale uk the registration. The final list will be announced on April 26 after qualification examination. Newly sworn-in Malawi President Joyce Banda on Tuesday announced administrative reconstruction which included the firing of Information Minister Patricia Kaliati; state-owned Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) mulberry outlet online boss Bright Malopa and sealed Reserve Bank of Malawi for no further government transactions, among other things. Banda announced this at a press briefing held at her residence in the capital Tuesday afternoon. Banda also disclosed that she had had a series of meetings mulberry outlet york with the international community and she assured Malawians that the country's international cooperation would resume as before. She said the firing of information minister and state broadcaster boss and other changes within the civil service were deemed necessary. mulberry handbags outlet Kaliati has been replaced with Moses Kunkuyu, former President Mutharika's DPP MP who was among over 40 DPP MPs who strongly opposed Mutharika brother's ascension to the party's presidency in 2012. Led by Kunkuyu the MPs formed a faction called Hope Alliance. On the other hand, Banda replaced Malopa with mulberry york outlet Benson Tembo, who served as Director General of Malawi television during Bakili Muluzi era but was fired by Mutharika when he took over government. Banda also fired Chief Secretary to the Treasury Joseph Mwanamveka, replacing him with Principal Secretary in the mulberry handbags sale Finance Ministry Radson Mwadiwa who served in the same post before. The Malawi president also announced that she had set a commission of inquiry to investigate circumstances that led to the death of a fourth-year student, Robert Chasowa, at one of Malawi's university constituent, mulberry daria hobo The Polytechnic in 2011. Chasowa's death implicated top officials in late President Mutharika's government and senior political officers including the fired police chief, Peter Mukhito. "As a mother myself the death of Robert Chasowa really touched me and I put mulberry bags outlet myself in the shoes of his mother and imagine how she must have felt and how she still feels," said Banda, "I'll therefore see to it that investigations are carried out and that justice prevail even if it means using my own personal money. The new Malawi president http://www.chilham-castle.co.uk/promo/ raised the hopes of Malawians saying since Friday, a day before Mutharika died, she had been holding talks with developing partners among them the British government, the government and the European Union.CF
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